Current activities

Adjunct professor, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, Germany (2007-)
External advisor to varions multilateral agencies and other organizations on international cooperation financing, public-private partnerships, global governance, and global issue diplomacy (2006-)

Select previous positions

Director, Office of Development Studies, United NationsDevelopment Programme (UNDP), New York (1995-2005)
Director, Human Development Report Office, UNDP, New York (1989-1994)
Senior evaluation officer and policy analyst, UNDP, New York (1986-1988)
Deputy resident representative of UNDP in Afghanistan and Laos (1981-1985)

Membership in select boards, panels and commissions

Advisory Board, German Development Institute (2014-)
Advisory Board, International Cooperation Council (2015-)
Advisory Board, Journal of Global Policy (2009-)
Advisory Group on Technical Assistance and Cooperation, International Atomic Energy Agency (2008-2011)
Commission on Macro-economics and Health, Working Groups 2 and 6 (2000-2002)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Vereinten Nationen, Präsidium (2008-)
Editorial Board, Global Governance Journal (2000-)
Expert Group on Financing International Cooperation (2009-2012)
Governing Board, Global Development Network (2000-2005)
Governing Board, Economists for Peace and Security (2000-2005)
GR:EEN (Global Re-Ordering: Evolution through European Networks),(2011-)
Honorary Advisory Committee, International Panel on Social Progress (2015-)
Scientific Advisory Board, Das Progressive Zentrum, Berlin (2010-)
Scientific Advisory Board, Cournot Centre for Economic Research (2003-)
Scientific Advisory Board, International Network for Economic Research (2003-)
Women in International Security Deutschland (2010-)


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The Tobin Tax; Coping with Financial Volatility (co-edited with Mahbub ul Haq and Isabelle Grunberg). New York: Oxford University Press, 1995.

Select book chapters and articles

Understanding Global Public Goods: Where We Stand and Where to Next. In Kaul, Inge, ed. 2016. Global Public Goods. Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, UK. (co-authored with Donald Blondin and Neva Nahtigal)

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Fostering Sustainable Human Development: Managing the Macro-risks of Vulnerability – Pdf

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The Lacking Realism of the Post-2015 Agenda Process – Pdf

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Governance_Through_the_United_NationsFinmiz _2

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Shaping a new internationalism of enlightened self-interest

The G-20: Where to next?

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Joint reports

Globalizing Solidarity: The Case of Financial Levies. Report of the Committee of Experts to the Task Force on International Financial Transactions and Development. Leading Group on Innovative
Financing: Paris, French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, 2010. Available at

Human Development Report. New York: Oxford University Press for UNDP, various years (1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994)
Available at

Other data

Dr. rer. soc. Konstanz University, Germany, 1972
German nationality
Working languages: English, French and German

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